Beginners Coffee Guide

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]Whether your customers are coffee aficionados, a novice to the world of caffeine, or just desperately in need of an early morning pick-me-up, no hospitality business is complete without good coffee.


As nice as it would be to chuck ‘black coffee’ on the menu and leave it that, the palates of coffee drinkers across Australia, and the world, have evolved far beyond the instant coffee they can make at home. Regardless of if you’re new to the hospitality industry, or are a seasoned vet who needs to refresh your knowledge, our handy coffee guide will ensure your customers are as dependent on your establishment as they are on their morning caffeine hit.


Italian Brews

Despite Ethiopian origins, the culture and flavours surrounding modern day coffee is courtesy of the Italians – grazie!

As one of the purist and most refined coffee experiences you’re likely to have, a brew of espresso is often referred to as boring because of its apparent simplicity. However, the concentrated flavours that’s resultant of finely ground coffee beans and nearly boiling water, is a taste sensation like no other.

Café Latte
For those who aren’t big on the bitter flavours of coffee, and a popular option among many coffee drinkers, a latte is usually a shot of espresso blended with steamed, rather frothy milk.

A strong contender for the most popular coffee in Australia, and in fact the world, a cappuccino consists of three layers – each one as delicious as the next! A mouth-watering blend of espresso and steamed milk, and topped off with a layer of frothed milk – what’s not to love!

Cafe’ Macchiato
The espresso hit with a small amount of milk usually frothed, has the highest ratio of coffee to milk than any other coffee.

Essentially a latte with a splash of chocolate powder or syrup, this thick, slightly chocolaty beverage is a cross between hot chocolate and coffee. This is the perfect beverage for someone who wants to dip their toes in the world of coffee, without getting their head wet!

Australia’s Best

Moving a little closer to home, the battle to supremacy rages on! Who invented our beloved flat white and long black? Well it could have been New Zealand, and it could have been Australia – the true origin is largely unknown. To honour our patriotism, and for the sake of this article, we’re going to go ahead and say it was us!

Flat White
Soccer mums and dads alike favour the flatter version of a latte, a flat white. Made from a shot of espresso and the silkier milk from the bottom of the jug, a flat white is essentially a latte minus the froth.

Long Black
As the name suggests, this particular coffee is not for the faint hearted! Made from hot water and two shots of espresso, nothing cures a hangover quite as well as this liquid energy booster.

A Taste of the Rest

A little less common, but still fiercely deserving of a mention, these lesser-known blends are just as delicious as their renowned counterparts.

Having rose to popularity in its home country, America, an Americano is a watered down long black, with just one shot of espresso and extra hot water, that has made its way to Australian shores.

Irish Coffee
While whiskey and cream is a tempting combination, this cocktail-style drink probably isn’t something that will get ordered in a local coffee shop. However, this delicious combination is a favourite among coffee lovers in bars and restaurants.


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