Creating Best Practice for your POS.

Best Practice with your POS operational habits will ensure you are getting the most from your system.

Here’s a few to add to your daily, weekly or monthly to do lists.

Back Up – Your data is a vital part of your venue no matter how large or small. Performing regular backups will ensure you decrease the risk of losing critical data and the practice of backing up is never an afterthought but a part of company policy.

UPS Battery – Checking you UPS supply monthly ensures it’s working when you need it. It’s as simple as turning off the main power supply where the UPS is connect to. If you hear a single beep sound your battery is working.

System Reboot – If your system is running a little slow lately it might be time to add a system reboot to your weekly procedures. This will ensure everything is running at it’s optimal capacity. It simply refreshes the software and all applications and connections.

Add these three simple tips to ensure your get the most from your POS. If you need assistance on any of these procedures call your support on 1300 023 769 Option 2.