Bepoz-Vectron Pledges Bushfire Relief Package

In light of the devastating bushfires
and the heroic efforts of communities invoking the Australian spirit of mateship, Bepoz-Vectron would like to assist with a Bushfire Relief Package of up to $100,000. The Relief Package is to assist our venues by alleviating cash flow pressure, in line with a callout by AHA VIC and many other hospitality partners.

Hospitality has been described ‘as the virtue of a great soul that cares for the whole universe through the ties of humanity’. It is especially in these times of hardship that our hospitality businesses bring together members of their community.

Our aim is to provide assistance to our customers and their communities that are directly or indirectly affected or impacted by the recent fires, due to loss of trade or due to assisting the general public or firefighters.

If your business has been affected or you know a business that has, please contact us on 1300 023 769 or email us at