Contact Tracing – COVIDsafe

Bepoz recognised early on during the COVID-19 pandemic the need for contactless digital contact tracing for the hospitality industry. Bepoz VRS is designed to protect staff, patrons and help businesses meet Government contact tracing requirements.

Bepoz VRS tracks guests, staff, contractors and suppliers entering and exiting any business or venue via scanning a contactless intelligent QR code. Guests enter the details required and submit to a secure database.

Built into Bepoz VRS is a questionnaire function to offer a COVID health check option with yes/no, multiple selections or single selection answers where needed for staff or contractors. Notifications to management are prompted should questionnaire answers trigger an alert response.

Data is privacy protected and self-deleted as per government legislation.

Bepoz VRS is endorsed by the Australian Hotels Association and recommended by most hospitality associations in Australia.

VRS is contactless, simple to use and safe and hygienic for any business to use. Initially designed for the hospitality VRS is now rolled out to many business sectors including real estate, health and beauty, education and retail.


Unique Features include – Health check survey, returning visitor identification (visitor doesn’t need to re-enter their details), alert notification on surveys and 24/7 assistance with setup (if needed) and support.