Smart contactless visitor registration for business.

Pub, clubs, hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes (in fact most businesses) across Australia are now under a government mandated obligation to collect personal information on every patron that enters their business premises for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes.

While each state varies in what information is collect and how long it is kept for, all hospitality venues, and most businesses, must be collecting at a minimum name, contact number and day/time of entry to the business for every customer.

Many venues have opted for a simple paper-based collection via spreadsheets where patrons simply fill out the form. If this is your method of collection, you may be deterring customers. Research has indicated that up to 40% of patrons are not comfortable with this method. The visual record of their private details displayed to others and the potential hygiene issues associated with pen sharing is putting people ill at ease.

There is also additional evidence that up to 20% of businesses that are required to collect information are not—leaving themselves open to fines and more importantly not having the ability to assist if a COVID-19 case is detected at their premises.

Bepoz Visitor Registration platform provides businesses with contactless data collection using the simple scanning of a QR code. This method is contactless for everyone involved, is time-stamped and automatically deleted when required by that particular state.

How does it work?

Display QR Code
QR codes should be displayed clearly at entrances and exits through the use of posters or table coasters.
If customers are unable to scan the QR code, businesses should set up dedicated tablets/devices to assist the individual.

Scan QR Code
Visitors entering the premises use their device to scan the QR code. This directs them to a business managed browser.
Visitors simply enter their contact details and submit. Returning visitors will be identified by just scanning the QR code and not have to re-enter their details.

Secure Database
The business then has a secure database of registered patrons. Should the need arise, a report based on time and date period can be produced. Patrons details can also be automatically deleted after a specified period.

To see just how easy the VR platform is just scan the QR code below.

Safe entry visitor registration

Bepoz Visitor Registration has no monthly fees or contracts. A one-off charge of $99 and we will have you set up the same day. For more information on Bepoz VRS platform, please contact or call 1300 023 769.