Craft – Beer’s new frontier


Beer has been the number one drink of choice for many for centuries- and nowadays, when properly poured can be one of the most profitable product for a venue- there will always be a demand, and there’s a healthy industry standard mark up to go with it. This means that when treated and marketed right, beer can be a good old money maker for any venue owner, and this is why it is integral for a restaurant of bar to have a robust and exciting beer selection- this keeps the customers happy (and puts money in your pocket too).

But these days, it can be tough to keep up in a rapidly changing and ever-evolving industry. There are so many new brands and microbreweries popping up every week, all-adding to an already rich and vibrant beer drinking culture

In the interest of keeping on top of the insane number and variety of beer trends popping up all over, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why Craft Beer is such a huge money-maker for businesses all over the world- and maybe even a bit of advice to guide your Friday after-work drinks (egherm…)

Craft Beer is a $300 Million/year industry

Local Craft Beer
The term ‘craft beer’ gets thrown around a lot. Simply stated, craft beer is beer made in a traditional, non-mechanised way by a small brewery. And the idea that people take great pride in drinking locally, or from their local watering hole, is important for restaurants to know. Restaurants need to highlight and educate their staff about the local breweries and market this knowledge to their diners. People feel more connected to their order knowing that they are supporting their local economy and have a cultural tie to the beer they are drinking.

Consumer Experimentation
It’s more important than ever to stay abreast of beer trends because the modern drinker hardly seeks to drink the same beer twice. Jeff Browning, master brewer of Brewport brewpub, aptly remarks, “All beer drinkers are polygamists.” The beer menu must be very manifold in character, and once in effect, you can sell a lot of beer and make a lot of money. According to the Alcoholic Beverage DemandTracker, 33% of alcohol drinkers who visit restaurants regularly report that they are more likely to order beer when offered a large selection of beer brands.

Beer Pairings
We’ve all heard of wine pairings, offering a curated pairing menu is a great way for the customer to experience a new type of wine and for the restaurant to upsell. The same methodology can be used for beer. As craft beer has taken the industry by storm, its foothold on fine dining menus is becoming more popularised. And with the advent of culinary beer-focused breweries, beers are being brewed with food pairings in mind. Update your menu and educate your staff to be able to pair each dish with a delicious wine and beer.

Stay tuned for more on the types of craft beers that could suit your venue.

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