Customer Engagement more than Loyalty

We’ve spoken a lot about loyalty programs over the years and how building and maintaining requires a dedicated program to ensure you get those repeat customers. And according to what research your read getting new customers can cost your business between 5 to 25% more than retaining an existing one.

The Bepoz Promotions and Loyalty modules has long been an integral tool for many of our customer allowing for them to run successful promotional campaigns and analyse the results. However the communication to customers was never as streamlined to relied on third party integrations to push information to customers.

Bepoz has recently developed our own loyalty app fully integrated with Bepoz but fully customised to your branding requirements. Moving away from card based loyalty programs you’ll have a more integrated solution customised to each particular customer. While the content is still pushed from the venue your customers will have the ability to decide what’s important to them.

So what features can you expect to see for your tailor loyalty app from Bepoz

Customised branding
POS Integration – ordering, pay, earning points
Marketing vouchers promotions and events
Ticketing to events promotions
Social Media feed