Dream for bigger… expanding beyond your one venue.

Expanding to more than one venue isn’t uncommon in the hospitality industry. You’ve got one successful business so why not open another, how can it not bring with it an abundance of opportunities. It can, but it can also bring with it added pressure with managing another venue, staff, stock, marketing, promotions, let alone the desire to be in both places at once and additional financial investment.

If this is your dream here’s some food for thought to get you on the way…. the right way.

Don’t jump the gun take the time to develop each location. Building your regular clientele, knowing them – their likes and dislikes. Experiment with the menu and how you market. Before moving to another venue you need to know you have the right formula at your existing venue. Ensure your staff are looked after and loyal. Lets face it you are going to be split between two venues, initially spending more at the new venue, you need to know you’re leaving your current venue in the right hands.

Don’t treat your new venue the same as your existing one. Research each location, clientele, menus, even look at demographics, nationalities and play to each locations strengths. You might have the same core menus but have different specials at each location. Marketing your specials each week or month can assist in driving foot traffic.

Look at how you market each venue. One might be driving regular clientele that like to book while the other might be driving foot traffic into the venue. Loyalty apps and social media can assist in building awareness of the business and bring customers through your door.

Take advantage of technology like your point of sale. Look at options to set up a head office or multi-venue management. Streamlining general management such as stock ordering, pricing unified or individual, advanced reporting, reporting apps, advanced integrations like reservations, payments and ordering. Make sure you can manage your venues in real-time brings greater consistency in operations.

Opening multiple locations can be daunting but don’t be deterred with the right advice, research and technology you can have a string of successful business all managed by you. Read more about how Bepoz Point of Sale makes managing multiple venues simple.