Australian Food Trends don’t get left behind…

At the AGE last month I listened to Suzee Brain from Brain and Poulter speak about food trends and how venues need to adapt to ensure longevity. There is no time for complacency in an industry that is constantly changing on all fronts.

Five Mega Trends for Food

Healthy Choice Options – Menus need to have perceived healthy options from organic, locally sourced, chemical free etc even if it’s not healthy.

Snackification (what a great word) – Small meals, shared plates, finger food, tapas younger consumers want to experience multiple dishes rather than the traditional main meal. Additionally, Brunch is the fastest growing meal type.

Landlord Thinking – Popups, themes areas and street food within a traditional pub venue are creating theatre and diversification. Use real estate wisely and differently.

Zero Waste – Team with companies like Oz Harvest or look at sustainable options to ensure your moving towards zero waste.

Placemaking – (my favourite success builder) Describing pubs and clubs as ‘churches’ or gathering places for communities means guests need to have reason and functionality to visit a venue. Consider some restyling your venue.

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