The Gold Standard Health and Wellbeing Plan

COVID-19 has badly impacted the hospitality industry, and the road to reopen (particularly in Victoria) has been long. There is now light at the end of the tunnel to return to the new hospitality normal.

Health, Safety and Hygiene in the hospitality industry have never been taken lightly and developing COVID safe hygiene plans for venues has been at the forefront of getting the industry back on track.

To assist and guide venues whether a café, restaurant, hotel or club in achieving a superior COVID safe venue, the Gold Standard Health and Wellbeing plan has been established. The collaboration between leading Australian hoteliers and restauranteurs and industry associations the Gold Standard Health and Wellbeing plan is an accredited layer over and above the governments ‘COVID safe’ plan.

The comprehensive plan includes daily disinfecting and cleaning, fogging, reporting compliance around visitor registration for guests, staff and contractors, digital ordering and payment via personal smartphones. Compliance around contamination response and contact tracing technology provide confidence to all parties involved.

In response to the COVID outbreak, antimicrobial fogging has become a critical recommended monthly protocol administered in conjunction with daily cleaning. Fogging applies a special compound that bonds to surfaces which is 99.99% effective in killing COVID-19, E Coli, Bacteria and harmful germs on contact and protects a surface for 30 days. Antimicrobial Fogging involves the use of an electrostatic fogging machine and a liquid compound that atomises instantly, creating an ultra-fine fog. The mixture falls and bonds to all surfaces, forming a transparent protective film that lasts for 30 days. This means any carrier of COVID-19 or other transmittable viruses that comes into contact with a treated surface will not compromise that surface.

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