The Bepoz Team Top 10 Loyalty Ideas.

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You’ve introduced your loyalty program and it’s ticking along nicely but you need to keep it fresh to keep the foot traffic coming through the doors. Here’s 10 sure fire ways to boost your membership with vouchers and marketing.

    1. Coffee and Cake – not the most popular revenue maker on the menu. Simply add a $5.00 coffee and cake voucher with any main meal purchased. Redeemable for that day only.
    2. 2 for 1 meal offers – Buy one main meal get one free – great for those Tuesday and Wednesday nights when not as many patrons are out and about.
    3. Spend and Win – Spend $100 in the venue and go into the draw to win a free dinner.
    4. Customer appreciation – Over dinner your customers buy say a ‘Pepper Jack Shiraz’ when they pay the bill give them a voucher for a $5.00 discount on a take home bottle from the bottle shop. Redeemable for that day only.
    5. Like or Check-in on social media and receive 100 bonus loyalty points. This is a great way to increase your social media presence, in-turn increasing your marketing channels.
    6. One of our favourites – Personal Happy Hour – Imagine how impressed your members would be if once they reach a certain spend amount in a night their own ‘happy hour’ discounted drinks pricing kicks in for an hour.
    7. Kids eat free – Always a good one for family friendly venues or those wanting to be.
    8. Out of town vouchers – Attract those regular out of town business travellers – distribute 2 for 1 , solo dinner or receive a free pot with dinner discount voucher to local accommodation hotels to include in their guests welcome packs.
    9. Post a pic – Post your Saturday night pics on Facebook and earn points.
    10. Visit Visit Visit – swipe your card on arrival at the venue and earn bonus points. Even do double points on Tuesday and Wednesdays to encourage diners on quieter nights.

I know we said 10 but once we got going we had to include one of the most popular promotional ideas going around. Everyone does them, but that’s because they work.

11. Multi buys – Parma & Pot, Steak & Red, Seafood & Champagne, Tacos & Margaritas – You can’t go wrong with a themed night. Add in a challenge i.e. eat 12 Tacos in 30 minutes and you eat free.

Research suggests that redemption rates are higher if an actual dollar discount is featured, as opposed to a percentage discount, along with an imminent expiration date. All these vouchering ideas are easily created and managed through our Bepoz Point of Sale solution. If you’re a customer and need some advice please just give Support a buzz, if your not a customer and don’t want to miss out on these awesome ideas to increase your sales call 1300 023 769.