Are you doing everything you can with your POS?

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Bepoz is constantly striving to ensure that our POS solution provides you with the optimum level of functionality, control, transparency and avenues to be innovative and grow your business.


Built-in features such as advanced marketing and promptions, raffles, kitchen printing consolidation, bill splitting and tiered memberships are providing great benefits to many of our customers. In addition, our integrations to other systems such as CCTV, Paging and Digital Signage and Menu Boards have brought around a whole new holistic approach to management and growth.


So it’s the best time to ask yourself, Am I using all that my POS has to offer?
May be you would like to run a loyalty program or look at tightening the surveillance at your venue with an integrated CCTV upgrade or simply talk to one of our hospitality consultants to discuss potential growth strategies – we are here, and at your service.


Check out all the integrations and features associated with the Bepoz Point of Sale solution.


Point of Sale




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