Cafes, restaurants, hotels and clubs can be harsh environments and not always kind to any POS system. The busy nature of the hospitality industry not only requires and advanced POS system but also the support of robust hardware. To complement our expert POS software functionality, Bepoz POS hardware is stylish enough to complement even the most svelte venue and robust enough to meet the demands of the busiest hospitality businesses in New Zealand.

Our POS hardware is designed and built in state of the art environments with full process monitoring. Rigorous testing on each component ensures that each manufactured item passes through numerous checks before reaching you. Our components are manufactured with ISO 9000/ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Intuitive to use, our hardware covers all platforms in use today from traditional electronic POS Tills, POS Tablets, POS Pads and POS Advertising Screens. The touch screen technology is easy to use in a fast paced environment and totally durable. In fact because we know you know point of sale industry is changing rapidly, we future proof our hardware by giving it the power to handle functions that are still in the pipeline.

  • Manufactured with ISO 9000 / ISO 13485 & ISO 14001 certifications
  • Designed and built in a state of the art environment with full process monitoring
  • Rigorous testing on each component before it is built.
  • Once built, the finished device is checked again before it is cleared to be sent out.
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