Switch & Save Offer

Are your still playing a Nintendo 64 or Gameboy? Are you still listening to your music on a Discman? or perhaps your messenger is still a Pager strapped to your hip? We doubt it. These are all great technologies from the 90’s but you’ve probably replaced them with PS4’s or Xbox, Spotify and Smart Phones.

What about your business is the technology from the 90’s? Often business technology is slow to be replace. But why? Is it cost or the old case of if it ain’t broke? If your one of many Australian Hotels and Pubs still operating an outdated POS system? Bepoz is offering you a truly unique New Year opportunity to upgrade to their advanced POS Management System and move into 2017 with some great competitive benefits.

The Bepoz POS system provides venues with one consolidated platform for orders, payments, stock, purchasing, promotions and loyalty marketing backed with an unmatched reporting module, operating on sleek yet robust POS tills specifically designed for hospitality. Bepoz Pub Hotel POS also features a handy reporting phone app ‘Snapshots’ for added mobility.

With 24/7/365 support and flexible finance options, there’s no better time to start avail the benefits enjoyed by 3000+ Bepoz venues. Visit www.bepoz.com.au/take500 or call 1300 023 769 to find out more.