Creating new decor is as simple as digital signage.

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]Digital signage and digital menu boards are a cost effect ways to incorporate good advertising options to your business. The savings over printing and distribution cost can be substantial, however there are some key elements that are required to ensure digital signage works for your business.

And just so you know 70% of sensory receptors are in our eyes and over 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Get the picture!!

Content is key (and king), lively relevant appealing content will ensure your customers are drawn to viewing your screens. In today’s busy work environment we don’t all have time to keep up to date with current affairs so why not run a RSS feed, drawing customer’s attention in and keeping the informed of world affairs.

Keep communication concise, if you look at any digital signage campaign you should get the message of the promotion in about 3 seconds. Most viewers simply glance at any campaign rather than completely immersing themselves in it. Keep one idea per campaign and limit the amount of text.

Movement, static content unless it’s a digital menu board doesn’t give you a reason to look. Engage customers with movement in your campaigns. Out of the corner of their eye movement will catch their attention. Ensure graphic layout is balanced and well designed. Look to the services of a good graphic designer to create visually appealing campaigns.

Call to Action, make sure all your campaigns have a call to action. Let your customers know exactly what it is. Your call to action not only provides focus for your campaign but provides direction to your customers and gives you the ability to measure a campaigns success.

Act locally, use digital signage to your advantage. For instance don’t leave a daily specials board running if you’re now out of specials or you’ve noticed the bananas are very ripe ditch the apple campaign and highlight that the bananas are now on special. You’ll be amazed how quickly they move.

Use staff, why not put your staff (or yourself) in the spotlight. Have staff welcome customers to your venue and direct them to areas bistro, bar etc and get them to tell customers of today’s specials or event details.

With Bepoz digital signage fully managed program we’ll guarantee you eye catching strong campaigns that are sure to help your bottom line.

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