Why a customer loyalty program matters for today’s businesses.

Maintaining a steady flow of customers, both new and returning is the key to building a strong business. However the cost associated with obtaining new customers is significantly higher than maintaining existing customers, according to research seven times higher. In retaining customers a loyalty program is often looked at as a key factor in creating repeat visits. A loyalty program is therefore designed to boost a stagnated sales pattern and once implemented a sound program becomes an imperative part of business success.

There are many variations of a customer loyalty program with the two main concepts – lifestyle based or earn points and redeem for benefits. These types of specific programs create great customer satisfaction, stronger ties with your customers that are seen as an act of goodwill towards a customer, that you are actually interested in them and not just the increase in sales.

You build knowledge of their likes and dislikes, creating a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers ensures a long one. This information allows you to effectively target promotions that are fuelled with incentives applicable to their interests. Your reputation will be boosted with incentives for new customers, along with engaging existing customers and letting them know they are valued.

So how do you manage a good program and ensure it’s successful?


The Bepoz Loyalty Module has the ability to carry out all the important aspects of a great loyalty program.


Take and area of your business that perhaps doesn’t turn a huge profit in the Hotel game perhaps this is your coffee and desserts. The Bepoz advanced voucher promotions you can make them a game changer. The strategy, when a customer orders their main meal the simple task of handing a unique $10 voucher for coffee and dessert to be used on that day only will guarantee your pastry chef and barista need to be on the ball.

Bepoz has an unmatched marketing module fully integrated with it’s powerful POS and reporting promoting loyalty through vouchers, memberships and promotions you’ll be in the right hands. Vouchers or loyalty cards can be programmed to load a drink, meals, discounts and points, giving you great flexibility with all kinds of promotions based on your customers desires.

For more information on building a great customer loyalty program for your business contact Bepoz today on 1300 023 769 or email our sales team at sales@bepoz.co.nz.