Can’t run a ‘chook’ raffle?

Friday night the bar is humming and business is good, but you think your patrons would like something extra! Introducing the great Australian hotel and club tradition of a Friday night chook or meat raffle would really bring your community together in a simple and social way.


But how? You know implementing a raffle can require additional resources and be burdensome to implement, organise or even promote which can hinder the benefits of running the raffle.


With the launch of Bepoz’s new Raffles program integrated into our POS system, all your headaches and concerns will be alleviated. Our raffles tool is designed to ease difficulties in the running and managing of raffle events while increase your revenue. Not only with your revenue increase but you’ll attract more patrons and loyal members in no time at all.


  • Fully customised program
  • Run unlimited raffles anytime and anywhere
  • Advance nominated raffles set up
  • Customisable tickets
  • Easy link to other POS modules
  • Pay for tickets using vouchers, cash, eftpos, even points
  • Members only draws
  • Product promotion raffles
  • Raffle random number generator program


With just a few taps to your POS tablet or clicks on your laptop, you get your patrons and customers entertained even on your busiest day. Schedule raffle dates at your most convenient time to run at your busiest time, split redeem dates to keep your customers coming back and even extend the draw time to get your patrons stay a little longer.


As with all of Bepoz module Raffles also comes with the powerful backing of our back office reporting, analytics and alert functions ensuring success of all your raffles. Our Raffles Program, combined with Bepoz’s Marketing and Promotions, Loyalty, Membership will ensure your business continues to grow and keep patrons coming back.