Bepoz understands how a highly tuned point of sale system can consolidate all aspects of how a hotel or pub operate

Bepoz Point of Sale system for Pubs and Hotels has been specifically designed and developed to meet these requirements and demands of a busy hotel or pub venue- from your bar, bistro, bottle shop to restaurant every aspect is integrated.

Bepoz POS system offers a PLU Free option. No longer do you have to input PLU codes on all your products. With our POS you enter your product and description and the system automatically does all the PLU configuring. Coupled with powerful and flexible reporting capabilities you’ll have more time on your hands to improve all your marketing and loyalty programs, also through Bepoz.

Whether you venue is a small intimate pub or a large or even part of a multi venue group, you need the features of a world class solution to run it smoothly and profitably. Our single intelligent Point of Sale software will give real-time visibility and unmatched control over your business with integrates from the front office to the back office, gathering real-time POS reporting solution from your bottle shop, bar, kitchen, bar tabs, stock control and even to accommodation.

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