Getting patrons in to your venue is only half the battle; keep them coming back and you’ve hit a win. Repeat business is critical for a venue to build its name and sustain its reputation. Bepoz’ POS Software is equipped with an inbuilt Loyalty and Memberships module that works in perfect sync with the Marketing and Promotions tools.

This loyalty program and membership POS system gives you all the flexibility you need to run membership programs at your venue, while at the same time keeping the administration times to a minimum by automating many of the tasks. Automation also helps reduce errors and helps you track each step of your loyalty activity, giving you a clear picture of your ROI.

Vouchers can be printed directly from your POS Till system or loyalty cards can be issued with pre-programmed offers for drinks, meals, discounts and points, giving you great flexibility with how you wish to reward your patrons for their loyalty.

The member database is stored within the membership POS system, giving you a range of tracking options such as birthdays, anniversaries and visits so that you can target your membership based promotions effectively. The redemption of vouchers or membership points is triggered by pre-specified system data, eliminating any human error or misuse and making sure that each transaction is tracked, right down to the cent.

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