Centralise the management of multiple venues with Bepoz POS software. Uniquely allowing the management of multiple venues from your Head Office via one single Point of Sale database. Our solution provides a unique link between remote venues, their POS terminals and your Head Office, giving you unmatched control over how your business operates. All stock movements, staff activities and cash flow data from each venue is sent to the head office in real time alerting you to any incidents and discrepancies when they happen.

The ability to monitor sales, stock and inventory remotely will provide central purchasing capabilities and greater buying power with suppliers. Your Loyalty and Membership programs can operate from one central location. It will also allow monitoring of promotions and coupon redemption results across multiple venues.

Bepoz POS software offers a PLU Free option. No longer do you have to input PLU codes on all your products. With our POS you enter your product and description and the system automatically does all the PLU configuring. Bepoz intelligent POS system for multiple location can easily be customised to suit each individual venues specific needs either at the venue or at your Head Office location. Comparing stores performances through the head office reporting will give you greater advantages to running a successful business.

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