Introducing new technology, the right way

We all understand that technology can enhance how a business operates however choosing the right technology is the key.

Initially you need to identify your goals there’s absolutely no point introducing a new technology just because the venue down the road has it or because you think it might be nice. You need to create structured goals for what you are trying to achieve. Whether it’s a specific issue, is it measurable and relevant for your business. Identifying what you’re trying to achieve at the start elevates any issues and time wasting down the track.

Once you’ve identified your areas of improvement you need to gather a clear understanding of your budget, manpower resources and training investment. Having an employee taking ownership of any new change management can help create greater success across a business.

Depending on what areas you are wishing to improve you’ll need to look at your front of house technology such as POS and Guest and Reservations Management. Within these technologies you want to have improved integrations, pay at table, strong data gathering and the ability to run tabs for customers. Your back of house technology also needs to look at POS in particular stock management, marketing, integrations, taking the data input and providing strong analytical outcomes for moving forward.

Additionally, you’ll want to look at technology that improves a customer’s experience with your venue such as mobile loyalty apps and online ordering.

The potential for growth is vast however proper due diligence is key to success.