The Lowdown on Digital Loyalty & Membership

Our smartphone friendly app, sync’d with Bepoz, combines loyalty and membership card all in one. We make it easier for your members to have quick access to their membership details, tier benefits and loyalty communications, from their phone. Switching to digital means members will never leave their card at home! Replace traditional plastic membership cards and have more meaningful connections with customers.

Speed up on-boarding
New members can sign up in the app and join your membership program quickly, avoiding the need for paperwork and data entry. Their digital member card is created almost instantly after member sign up. Within seconds after a customer joins, they can receive a validation email. Further registration verification can also be tailored for your company, so that only the members you want can sign up for privileges
Multi-Tiered Membership
Sync’d with Bepoz loyalty features, you can set up membership tiers to cater to different groups and expiry dates. Their digital membership card lets customers be rewarded at the till with privileges in your program.

Branded design
With your logo and branding, your digital member card can be what your members will firstly see after signup. Choose which navigation menu items you want displayed and where, select from standard colour schemes or we can personalize on request.
Sell e tickets and e gift certificates
Take advantage of our in-app ecommerce features to sell tickets for special events and e-gift certificates which can be scanned at the POS till. Showcase your events schedule and let members buy e-tickets on the spot. E-gift certificates are also an easy way to increase revenue and let members gift family and friends. Removes the need for manual order processing and cash payments.
Built-in push notifications and in app notifications
Drive visitations by customising notifications about upcoming events and offers. Target notifications to just individual users or groups of members like staff or your premium members only. Keep your notifications and app content current and fresh using the app’s inbuilt content management features.
A company-wide offering
Include team members, HQ staff as well as customers. Different groups of users can be treated differently in one app and receive targeted in app content and notifications.
Keep your data in sync across App and POS
Sync with Bepoz POS system customer account records along with custom API integrations available where required. We can batch upload your existing membership base and they receive instantly a one-time user password to sign in.
Optional physical card
Bepoz also supports a physical membership card for businesses who still prefer issuing a physical card to their members
More secure
Cards can get lost but smartphones are always with customers. Virtual membership cards can be cancelled quickly and yearly expiry dates set. Individual photo ID is included and other validation steps can be tailored to ensure only valid members can sign up and receive privileges.

Eco friendly and potentially lower cost.
Environmentally-friendly: digital cards are better for the environment than a plastic card and remove the need for mailing and postage.
Usage metrics
An “at a glance” dashboard shows key transaction metrics and a full admin console lets admin users see all reports and fully customize and update your app content

For more lowdown on the full Bepoz digital loyalty and membership suite call 1300 023 769 or email