Point of Sale technology is an investment in your business’s operations and for any hospitality business the due diligence can be a lengthy process. The need to consider budget, POS software integration, additional POS hardware, intuitive interface and ease of use, powerful features, back office reporting and analytics and training can be a time consuming and confusing task for any business owner.

The POS system you select (and there’s a lot to choose) from will only truly enhance your businesses operations with the right training. The right training for you and your employees will create many benefits across your business, ensure good growth and ROI over the shortest timeframe.

POS TrainingAt Bepoz our training team understand the hospitality industry and what will benefit you. Their ability to educate your employees will ensure everyone is empowered to grow your business. The proper training will reduce staff frustrations and errors. There’s nothing worse than wrestling with a POS system while serving a customer.

Employees will be confident in how the system operates increasing customer turn over, reducing queuing times and increasing time to upsell products. They will be more engaged in their work place improving productivity, increased participation in business idea implementation, particularly for marketing, promotions and raffles.

Proper POS training will reduce your technical support costs as errors will be minimised, upgrades will be easy to manage and integrate ensuring a greater ROI and growth for your business.

Bepoz POS training is at your convenience – either at your venue, our training facilities in Sydney, or through our online learning centre.

We understand that everyone has different learning styles so we offer a variety of options.

Module based learning comprising of introduction to POS, basic maintenance, stock control, loyalty and membership and advanced reporting.

Online Learning Centre where you can learn at your own pace during a time most convenient to you. Our online learning centre comprise of video presentations that take you through step by step process from general system overviews through to advance reporting and analytics.

Or take the customised training road with our trainers that are not just skilled in our POS systems they have vast experience in the management of hospitality venues

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