Food stock control can help increase your profit margin.

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You want to create amazing dishes, but are costs associated with your creativity blowing meal prices sky high!!

Imagine designing amazing dishes all while managing the ingredient particulars down to the gram, all with food stock control. You’ll relax knowing you have tighter management and reporting on your food stock, creativity flowing through your kitchen, a great menu and in the end happy customers.

The restaurant and café sector comes with numerous challenges, none more than the desire to provide your customers with a delicious menu that doesn’t cost your bottom line. After labour, food costs are normally the largest expense that requires tight inventory-control policies.

How does food stock control happen?

We’ve created an easy to use stock management tool to cost products as individual items, recipes or manufactured items, all tracked on cost, sales and wastage.

Your chef designs a recipe i.e. hamburger and chips. Ingredient and quantities are entered for all components of the meal (beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, sauce, potatoes, and of course beetroot). This item is then maintained as a complete product, it’s tracked as a complete costing, and ensures you always have the right stock on hand.

So what about those daily specials that you don’t want to over sell or items that are prepared in a batch ie 20 portions of cottage pie. The items are created as recipes and then at the start of service the number of portions prepared are entered into the point of sale. As sales occur the portions are deducted so you’ll never oversell.

While creating profitable recipes and stock control is important, the reporting and analytics on all food items can be a time consuming process. We give you options to keep track of all major components in a meal, and the ability to monitor regularly. With all of these methods the system knows the cost and sell price, so reporting on sales and gross profit of each menu item is a piece of cake.

Improved food stock control gives you greater efficiency, reduces avoidable food waste and brings cost savings on both ingredients and labour.

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