[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]The demands of running a hospitality venue can be stressful at the best of times. And as with many business types maximizing your profits is a key focus, along with reducing your shrinkage. When it comes to reducing shrinkage in the hospitality industry Point of Sale integrated with your CCTV solution can provide an important tool. It assists owners to monitor and investigate areas of theft – internal and external, cash management, inventory management, staff training and OHS issues.

A fully integrated CCTV and POS system can give you a butter knowledge of every transaction that goes through your point of sale interfaced to your surveillance footage. Transaction details are transposed onto footage, then giving you the options to view via reports based on your needs. With Bepoz POS interface you’ll now have the ability to run a report from your security system customised to your requirements and have copies of the footage in minutes. No longer to you have to trawl through footage monitoring registers and staff activity.

Now that’s a loss prevention option you can afford to watch.

Time stamping image with transaction
Live monitoring via desktop or laptop
Tracking of key events like ‘no sale’ alerts
Review footage based on specific sales only
Search by time or product

CCTV technology is constantly evolving in how it can assist in your business’ operations and while the thought of upgrading your entire system might not be an economical one, Bepoz can provide options to ensure you have up to date technology. For instance the need to change cabling to upgrade your system can now be combatted with HD cameras integrated to your existing cabling. If you’ve got hot spots in your venue then these options are sure to increase surveillance.

That’s why with a Bepoz Point of Sale and CCTV solution you can have more flexibility with your time to manage a successful business, spend time with family and friends and even get a round of golf in.

For more information on how a Bepoz POS – CCTV Interface solution can change your business call sales@bepoz.co.nz or 1300 023 769