How POS software Can Assist Small Business Owners

If you are the shop owner in the 21st century and have more than 20 customers walk into your store daily than using a Point of Sale (POS) software is not a luxury but a necessity. It maybe be that the cost of a POS software is acting as a deterrent or you may be managing just fine without it. However do keep in mind that the future is robotic. Here are some of the ways a POS software can assist small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Zero error

The first argument is pretty obvious and simple. Man versus the machine; who will win in calculations. When adding up sales order or when doing inventory, a POS system is 100 % accurate and a 100 times quicker hands down. Some shop owners argue that a 1% error margin is acceptable and sometimes even endearing. However the counter argument is that even a 1 % error margin in incremental terms can add up to thousands of dollars or pounds over the year. So the cost you pay upfront for installing a system may be recovered within a year.

Nothing left to chance

It is a known fact that theft and misappropriation of funds by employees is the number one reason for losses in a business. A POS system can help prevent just that. The machine tracks and analyzes each and every step from the point the product is brought in to the time it is sold out to a customer. This is how the losses due to theft are kept to the minimum. Further, this data can be used to understand customer preferences and make projections into the future sales. The POS can also help track down loss centers and spot flaws in a product life cycle.

Efficiency in doing inventory

A POS system is great help throughout the shop. It takes inventory in real time instead of waiting for a whole year to take stock or do inventory. That gives the owner enough buffer time to order stocks that are running low and not to reorder ones that are piled up. The POS will also tackle discrepancies and makes minimum error when calculating. This frees up staff to do other productive activities, like customer care, and also reduces the need for keeping a large fleet of managers. Again that will show up as a positive in your bottom line.

Checkout speed

Another mega advantage of a POS is the speed of checkout. With the bar code scanning technology, the POS makes the checkout process a breeze. Compare that to reading each label individually, looking for its price in the list and then manually writing that down on a bill to a bar code scan.

Keeps the data up to date and consistent

Another advantage of a POS is that it keeps the prices consistent across the board and across customers and keeps up to date with minimum efforts.

So it might be the time for you to upgrade from pen and paper technology to the POS systems. There are a number of vendors that provide POS systems in Sydney that are worth checking out so start your quest today!