Know your craft beer styles

New Beer Tastes & trends

Sour Beers

Some may react to this trend with a pinched-face, but sours are making their way into the mainstream. From fruit-infused sours to dry-hopped sours, tart and hoppy flavours should be on your drink menu.

Chilli Beers

Heat up your drink menu with the latest beer to hit shelves, the chilli beer. Brewers are adding the fiery warmth of chilli to cool golden styles and light ales. From hot pepper oils to an actual jalapeno chilli, spiciness adds a whole new dimension of flavour.

Coffee Beers

Beyond the typical coffee-infused stout, coffee is making its way into a number of different style beers. From light bodied cream ales to IPAs – brewers are creating coffee beer to be served morning, noon, and night.

Juicy IPAs

“Juicy” has been used to describe beers that have flavours of certain tropical flavours and aromas. This includes, tastes and smells of mango, papaya, passionfruit and papaya. Are IPA drinkers really ready to trade in notes of pine for notes of mango? It looks as though they are, and on BeerAdvocate‘s list of the Top 250 beers, 53 of the 80 single or double IPAs can be described as “juicy.”


Over the last few years, cider has made its way to brewers, liquor stores, and even, fine dining menus. With an increasing demand, the hype is here to stay. Market Research Future predicts the cider market to 3.5% during 2016-2022, and of that market, pear ciders are expected to be the highest growing segment.

Craft Pilsners

Pilsners are making a come back. Whilst the reign of IPAs and crazy infused beers isn’t over, brewers are reintroducing light and easy into the menu.

Not to be confused with the watered down Pilsners – true-to-form German or Czech pilsner pack a modest punch and are perfect for veteran drinkers.

Sessionable Beers

Lower ABV beers are a growing trend and cater to people that want to drink more for less buzz (shall we say). This is perfect for restaurants that want to sell more drinks and ensure that diners are enjoying themselves responsibly and having a more memorable experience.

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