Captivate your customers with a dazzling online ordering menu.

YourOrder from Bepoz offers customised online ordering for takeaway, home delivery, and self-ordering at the table for dine-in.

As a web-based app YourOrder provides customers with the opportunity to be visually tantalised by menu options before they order. A beautifully presented visual menu is a great way to boost sales with upselling and promotional options. This doesn’t mean you need to rush off and do a professional photographic course or spend thousands of dollars on a professional photoshoot. With a smartphone and a few tips below, you’ll have a professional-looking visual online menu highlighting all your culinary delights.

Let’s cover technical tips first, for YourOrder you’ll need to:

  • Save photos as jpeg or png files,
  • Check image dimensions of your platform but a square is the most appealing and versatile.

Now let’s get creative

  • Make sure it’s your food featuring in the pictures. Don’t use images that you don’t have copyright for.
  • When taking photos to shoot from the top down, so you are looking down at the food. Unless of course you’re taking a picture of a big juicy burger then pull from the side so you can see all its delicious fillings.
  • Make sure the whole dish is featured including any standard sides, i.e. salad, vegetables etc.
  • Make sure the food is arranged neatly; there’s nothing worse than a messy plate of food. Ensure any marks are wiped off the plate.
  • If you have an artificial light use that or perhaps purchase a smartphone portrait light that connects directly to your phone. Portrait lights are relatively cheap to buy and will come in handy for other social media marketing you might do.
  • Keep consistent with your background, lighting and photo angles. Always try and take all your pics in the same place at the same time mainly if you are using natural light.
  • Backgrounds: if you want to add a little depth to your photos a white or neutral colour table cloth with cutlery or a fresh looking light coloured timber bench will highlight the dishes nicely. Make sure the food is the feature.
  • Remember to make food the hero, feature all those gorgeous colours that naturally shine with your dishes.

Yourorder online ordering app

Yourorder online restaurant ordering

yourorder online ordering

Here are a few of our customers that have fantastic visual online or dine-in menus. Check them out, so you get the idea.

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