Onboarding New Point of Sale Technology – Making the Change.

Changing your Point of Sale technology is a significant decision for your business and your team. Influencing factors need to be considered from the functionality of the POS through to the onboarding process and how it works.

Often there is a big difference between client expectation and reality.

The thought of any sort of change to a business process can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. With strong project management and communication, onboarding new POS technology can be a seamless integration. There is an undeniable amount of work to be carried out by both the hotelier and the POS provider. No matter how intuitive some POS solutions are, taking the time to set up and train staff will ensure a successful onboarding process.

The successful onboarding of your new POS solution needs buy-in from all parties involved. Before contract signing, the demo phase should include everyone who makes decisions on how the business operates. Communication with your team is key to ensuring there are no surprises along the way.

Take the time to ask questions no matter how detailed or simple, to ensure you have a complete understanding of the product you are engaging.

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No one onboarding is the same from a supplier’s point of view, that’s why we provide our customers with a dedicated implementation coordinator. Their role is to ensure you understand everything that’s required from your business and to communicate the timeline for implementation with you.

It’s also crucial from an onboarding perspective that you have a dedicated project manager for your new POS technology implementation project. Both the POS company, Implementation Coordinator and Venue Project Manager will have vital communication on timelines, training and implementation.

Don’t underestimate the importance of proper training. From the front of house through to back-office management, the need for training is imperative to successful POS implementation.

Ensure a range of staff using the Point of Sale are trained by the POS company, don’t rely on staff to staff training, so much can get lost in translation. Encourage staff to visit any online training programs, live demos and classroom training either in the venue or the POS office.

If you’re a new venue, work with your provider to ensure the best placement of your Point of Sale terminals before installation to ensure all cabling and electrical work is as discreet as possible. For any existing venue, a site inspection should be mandatory to discuss new terminal placement and any fittings that need to be installed. Additionally, you may need work completed for infrastructure upgrades.

Many third-party integrations such as accounting, purchasing, gaming and property management will require coordination with the specific suppliers in conjunction with your POS supplier.

Smooth sailing
Understanding the process and what’s required from both parties will ensure any new technology introduced to your business will be successful.

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